Wastewater Treatment & Recycling

A pioneer in providing NEWater (high-grade recycled water produced through advanced membrane technology) solutions in Singapore, Hyflux makes wastewater safe for cities and industries to discharge into the environment or to reuse as potable or industrial-grade water. We customise treatment processes, build, operate and maintain plants to meet the specifications of municipal and industrial customers.

Our wastewater treatment and water recycling plants,?Kristal? ultrafiltration and PoroCep? membrane bioreactor (MBR) installations around the world are helping to reduce the strain on freshwater sources, potable water supplies and the environment as well as to address the stringent restrictions that many industries face on water usage and discharge.

How water recycling works?

Water recycling is the process of reclaiming used water or wastewater and treating the reclaimed or recycled water by removing solids and impurities for reuse in a variety of applications. The level of treatment depends on the quality required. Water recycling is a good alternative to seawater desalination for water-stressed areas that do not have access to the sea.

Membrane bioreactors (MBRs), an advanced wastewater treatment method for demanding environments, combine the membrane filtration process with biological treatment into a simple, cost-effective process that reduces footprint, capital and operating costs. The resulting effluent is of a consistent, high quality that is suitable for discharge or reuse.


Bedok NEWater Plant

Capacity: 32,000 m3/day

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Jurong Membrane Bioreactor Plant

Capacity: 68,000 m3/day

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Zunyi Wastewater Treatment Plant

Capacity: 150,000 m3/day

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Langfang Wastewater Treatment & Recycling Plant

Capacity: 80,000 m3/day (wastewater treatment), 40,000 m3/day (water recycling)

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