Our People

At Hyflux, we seek passionate, talented and ambitious people who are constantly willing to push the boundaries of the possible. As the company is growing at a rapid pace, we value employees who are dynamic and versatile in meeting new challenges head-on as and when they arise. In line with the company’s meteoric growth, you will be given opportunities to develop your capabilities and career to your full potential.


Because?my role is to meet the procurement needs of projects, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from colleagues from the design and project teams, and to see the progress of a project from the start to the end.?Work is never mundane or routine?since I face different issues working on each project.

~ Aries, Purchasing?


I get to learn a lot and there are opportunities to directly interact and work with top management. I also appreciate the trust that is given to me. Hyflux is a young company but growing at a very fast pace. More and more people are becoming aware of Hyflux and its capabilities and I feel proud of it.

~ Gerald, Business Development


What I like most about Hyflux is that it is a dynamic company that offers many opportunities for learning, growth and new experiences. I’ve also had great mentors during my time here, and it is this continual growth and vision from the leadership here that has sustained my passion for the water business.

~ Moses, Small Systems Design


At times, the work is demanding and challenging. But what we do makes an impact. As long as you’re willing to learn, as long as you’re driven, ambitious and you work hard, there will be that window of opportunity for you to grow and pursue an idea or something you’re interested in.

~ Junfeng, Water Technology